Audition Pieces

Julie Jordan

Quiet courageous young woman, mill worker. Appears to be given to day dreaming but that is because she is described as ‘deeper than a well’. Julie is instantly attracted to Billy. She understands him and empathises with him despite his faults. Thoughtful acting choices required to make her believable. 19 at the start of the story, 34 at the end.



Pg 17 from BILLY: You still here? –  to pg 20 JULIE: Even then I wouldn’t go home.

Pg 38 from CARRIE: Is he workin’ yet? –   to pg 39 CARRIE: We’re goin’ to be cried in church nex’ Sunday!


#5 If I lov'd you bars 65-128

#21 What's the use of wond'rin bars 5-44

Billy Bigelow

Fair ground barker with an attractive manner and devil may care attitude. 20s/ 30s. Constantly frustrated with a quick temper. Doesn’t really know what he wants out of life. Instantly attracted to Julie. Doesn’t age because he dies.



Pg 58 from MRS MULLIN: You beat her, don’t you? - to pg 61 BILLY:  Nothin.

Pg 117 from BILLY: If I want to her to see me, she will? – to pg 119 BILLY: I want to give you a present – somethin’ pretty – somethin’ wonderful.


#15 Soliloquy

Carrie Pipperage

Sweet, direct and a bit naïve. Complete antithesis of Julie, having made all the right choices to become a wife and mother. Needs to be a good comedienne. Jigger has to pick her up and throw her over his shoulder.19 at the start of the story, 34 at the end.



Pg 38 from CARRIE: Is he workin’ yet? –   to pg 39 CARRIE: We’re goin’ to be cried in church nex’ Sunday!

Pg 113 from CARRIE: And so the next day we all climbed to the top of the Empire State Building to pg 115 CARRIE: See you at the graduation.


#4 Mr Snow bars 61-164

Enoch Snow

Warm hearted and simple fisherman with ambition. Comes across as being quite pompous because he has total belief in himself and his future. Knows what he wants and sets himself goals. A contrast to Billy. 20’s to late 30’s. Ages 15 years during the show.



Pg 44 from SNOW: Oh, Carrie I near forgot.  to pg 46 SNOW: All according to schedule so far.


#12 When the children are asleep beginning to bar 114

Nettie Fowler

Julie’s cousin who runs a seaside spa or café. The wise, nurturing one who works hard to ensure everyone is fed and having a good time. Needs to appear to be a generation older than the girls.



Pg 33 from NETTIE: Here, boys! Here’s some doughnuts and coffee.  to pg 34 NETTIE: This year’s just like any other.


#7 June is bustin' bars 91-159

#23 You'll never walk alone bars 9-46

Jigger Craigin

Sailor and con-artist. The villain but needs to have some warmth to deliver the comedy. Will have to be able to pick Carrie up and throw her over his shoulder. 20’s to late 30’s.



Pg 54 from JIGGER: I tell you it’s as safe as sellin’ cakes. to pg 56 BILLY: Shut up about my wife.


#13 Blow high, blow low bars 48-87

#20 Geraniums at the winder bars 41-81

Mrs Mullin

A widow who owns the carousel on which Billy works. She is mutton dressed as lamb. She thinks she owns Billy and wants him for herself. Jealous and manipulative. Needs to appear to be much older than Billy – 40’s upwards.



Pg 57 from BILLY: What are you doing here?   to pg 59 MRS MULLIN: Maybe she’ll be glad to get rid of you.


Julie and Billy’s daughter. Aged 15 and just about to graduate. A bit of an outcast amongst the other children so consequently is miserable and bitter. Must be able to dance.



Pg 118 from BILLY: I heard what that whippersnapper said.  to pg 120 LOUISE: Mother!

Heavenly Friend

Any gender. Any age. A guide so



Pg 100 from STARKEEPER: Get up, Billy. to pg 101 STARKEEPER: Simmer down, Billy. Simmer down.


Any gender. Mature character who needs to be slightly mysterious, wise and warm but with authority. They are in charge of ‘the heavens’ just outside the back door to heaven!



Pg 103 from BILLY: Where am I?  to pg 106 STARKEEPER: Well, fer one thing you might do your little daughter some good.


Owner of the mill and Julie and Carrie’s boss. Full of his own importance. Older character – 40 upwards.



Pg 20 from POLICEMAN: Evenin’, Mr.Bascombe  to pg 22  BASCOMBE: Goodnight!


Any age.



Pg 20 from POLICEMAN: Evenin’, Mr.Bascombe.  to pg 23 POLICEMAN: Dunno. Wish I did.

Enoch Snow Jnr

Mini version of his father. 15 years old. Really likes Julie but considers her socially beneath him.



Pg 116 from LOUISE: I wish I could go to New York.  to pg 117 LOUISE:  I’ll – I’ll kill you – you.